We’re half a year old!

IMG_1530We’re 6 months old today – our first operating day was August 9, 2013 – and want to thank you for your support. It has been a steep but manageable learning curve as first-time entrepreneurs. We’ve got a lot to learn still about the finer points of running a business, but we think we’re doing a fair amount of things right!

Six months in we’re very happy with the sandwiches and other goodies we’ve invented and prepared. We’re really proud of realizing our plans – limiting food waste, using quality ingredients, and keeping things fresh both literally and figuratively.

Our next steps going in to the spring are to continue to garner community support in the form of repeat delivery orders, take part in some fun events and competitions, and get our green thumbs ready for 2014′s gardening season. Who are we kidding? They’re already itching.

Winter, go home, you’re drunk.