mikeMike Lurz - 

Mike graduated high school having excelled in maths and sciences. Halfway through an undergraduate degree in computer science at University of Waterloo, Mike started to feel uncomfortable with future job prospects in the field. Mike departed his academic studies to try his hand at musicianship and toured across Canada. This nomadic phase generated many stories and friends but little income. Mike got to know and love kitchen work as his means of support. He caught on quickly, finding that the technical and organizational aspects of cooking matched his skill set perfectly. After five years of honing his chops, it was time to clinch it with an education. Mike graduated from the Stratford Chef’s School in 2009 with awards for having the highest overall grades and for his future promise to the industry. Grateful to work with his hands and constantly improve his knowledge of ingredients, techniques and flavour, Mike worked at Bijou restaurant in Stratford for two seasons, and as Entremetier then Saucier at Lucien restaurant in Toronto. Having lived and cooked in southern Germany for a year with his then-girlfriend now-wife, Mike returns to Canada with entrepreneurial vigour and a will to share his love of food.

nickNick Hatten -

Nick hails from Owen Sound, Ontario. He entered the world of food and hospitality at the tender age of 15. Working at a local farmers’ market and a small bistro provoked a desire in Nick to learn more about the culinary world. Vaulting straight out of high school into the prestigious Stratford Chef’s School, Nick has voraciously (in mouth and mind) soaked up all things food since. Nick has worked at Bijou restaurant in Stratford, at Araxi restaurant in Whistler, and subsequently in Toronto at Lucien and Colborne Lane. More recently, you might know him as a friendly face behind the Bauer Butcher counter in Waterloo. Nick brings youth, energy, and positive attitude to any project he’s involved with. Oh, and also his camera.