Don’t call it a comeback

BB SquashAfter a long wait, it’s finally time for the brown butter squash sandwich to make a comeback on our menu. We never would have guessed that a vegetarian sandwich would be among our most requested, but we are pretty proud of this one. We roast butternut and acorn squashes in the oven until tender, then scoop them and blend with Monforte goat’s cheese, warm spices and seasonings. This mixture gets spread on seven-grain toast and topped with pickled carrot ribbons and fresh sunflower sprouts. The whole thing then gets drizzled with browned seasoned butter. Sound good? Tastes better!

> 1,000 Wrappers Redeemed


Did you know that the wrappers from our sandwiches come with a $1 off coupon you can tear off? Think of it as card-less loyalty card that pays more frequently!

We want to thank all of our wonderful repeat customers who have collectively brought back over 1,000 coupons torn from our wrappers. One one hand, we’ve lost a bit of profit, but on the other, we’re happy to bring you guys back and offer an incentive (beyond getting a tasty sandwich made from great ingredients) on frequenting our shop.

Something different for breakfast

Peameal on a KaiserWe’re saying goodbye to the breakfast burrito for a while to switch something else in. We’ve had great success with Nick’s peameal bacon recipe and we’re featuring it on our new breakfast sandwich. Same price as the burrito but featuring grilled peameal bacon, a saute of freshly cut peppers, onions and garlic, marinara sauce and mayonnaise – all served on a toasted whole wheat kaiser. We hope you like it, but we don’t mind bringing the extra bacon home if there are lefties!