Community and Supplier Partnerships

We’re proud of the southern Ontario green belt and the variety of produce and livestock that are raised here. We’re excited to be partnering with local suppliers to bring you a fresher and healthier product and to put our (and your) money back into the community.


kitchener marketProduce and Pantry – Kitchener Market
We’d be fools not to take advantage of the Saturday farmer’s market directly in our building! You can bet that during the early hours of the market, we’ll be around looking for some choice produce to work our magic on. For our part, we hope to bring a positive and community-centric presence to the market, including instructing cooking classes in the demo space as well as participation in many events over the year.


St.-Jacobs-Market-1024x768Produce – St. Jacobs Market
Having a Saturday market at our doorstep sometimes isn’t enough, so it’s great to know we have a wonderful Thursday market not too far away in St. Jacobs. We take a trip up here once in a while to check in, say hi, grab some supplementary produce and the unmissables – apples from Berry Hill Fruit Farm, and Dar’s Country Kitchen schnitzel/sausage awesomeness.


grainharvestBread – Grainharvest Breadhouse – Waterloo
With a name like Breadbaron, you’d think we’d make our own bread – but we’re a startup and first things come first. We’re doing the next best thing: we’re partnering with local artisanal Grainharvest Breadhouse to supply all of the breads for our sandwiches. We like the idea of locally made bread we can get easily, to give you the freshest possible product.


fertile ground CSAProduce – Fertile Ground CSA – Kitchener Market
We see working with local farms and being flexible with our share of the food harvest as part of our job as providers of food. Getting hand picked fresh crops every week from Fertile Ground, based in St. Agatha, and getting involved in a farm share program in 2014 will allow us to partner locally and help this CSA-based supplier grow food and promote food in the area.


Beretta Family FarmsMeats – Beretta Family Farms – King City
Anyone who really loves meat will tell you that quality matters. Poorly treated and fed animals live worse lives and provide lower quality meats. That’s a lose-lose. We prefer a win-win by supporting Beretta – their natural approach to animal rearing, not to mention the quality and flavour of their product, makes it really easy for us to serve you great meat.


Charles Quality MeatsMeats – Charles Quality Meats – St. Agatha
We didn’t last long in the Kitchener Market not buying meats from these guys. A family-run business, CQM has been raising drug and hormone free meats for years! Combine this with fantastic product knowledge and service and you can’t go wrong.



Chicken – Fenwood Farms – Ancaster
Fenwood farms are known for their beautiful White Rock breed of roaster chicken. These chickens enjoy a free range lifestyle and their diets are finished on flax and alfalfa resulting in a healthy and flavourful meat. We’ve been enjoying Fenwood chickens for a while now and are eager to share their superior quality in our sandwiches.


Southern Pride Poultry

Chicken – Southern Pride Poultry – St. George
Another family business that runs a stand at the Kitchener Market, we’ve gotten to know these guys fairly well over the years, but more importantly, we’ve gotten to know that they raise, source, and sell some great chickens, turkeys, ducks, and more that we’re proud to include in our sandwiches.



monfortelogoCheeses – Monforte Dairy - Stratford
Mike and Nick both went to Stratford Chef’s School and were introduced to Ruth and the wonderful Monforte Dairy. This place is doing wonderful things for cheesemaking in Ontario and their outlook towards food and sustainability makes them tops in our books. We look forward to showcasing some beautiful cheese while supporting a company that’s right around the bend.


ok egg farmEggs – OK Egg Farm – Woolwich
These guys can best be described as egg aggregators. Eggregators? Anyways, they are a third generation farm in Woolwich that has ceased egg production and instead moved into being Ontario’s central hub for the collection, grading, cleaning, and packaging of farm fresh eggs. They have a stand in the Kitchener market, so we’ll all be helping ourselves to some awesome farm fresh eggs year-round.