garden 1Based in the Kitchener Market amidst the southern Ontario green belt, Breadbaron is a streamlined sandwich shop that offers exceptional sandwiches made from seasonal locally-sourced ingredients.

We offer our sandwiches take-out directly from our stand, or by delivery for orders of 6 sandwiches or more.

We love to cook and we love to eat locally and healthily. We hate to waste food.
Why shouldn’t our work lifestyle encompass our life goals?

It should.

We work to consistently bring our experience and values to the table, or rather, the cutting board. We here at Breadbaron are excited to feed you our sandwiches, made from the fresh harvests of southern Ontario’s fields and farms. We’re committed to generating next to no food waste. Whatever bounty doesn’t get served, we’ll pickle or preserve for the winter and eat the rest.

We strive to -

  • Bring a fresh seasonal take on sandwiches to the Kitchener market and local area
  • Make all of our products in-house, so we can tell you exactly what you`re eating
  • Provide a small and often-changing menu to reduce waste, promote freshness and seasonality
  • Be active in the community
  • Always improve our craft
  • Promote the sandwich as the beautiful thing it is – a portable meal in itself balanced in flavour and nutrition

Our menu is concise, but there are many benefits to a small menu – we can process our inventory more reliably, and pass on the freshness and quality that results from our extra care to you. It’s easier for us to manage our inventory. Our menu will thus often change – reflecting seasonality, harvest, and feedback from you, our customer. Most importantly, our streamlining allows us to all but eliminate food waste.

We think our ‘keep it simple, do it well’ concept can put quality sandwiches in your hands and, in turn, put money into the hands of the artisans, growers, and farmers of our fertile neighbouring area. Breadbaron is supplied almost entirely by local farmers and suppliers, not only providing a point of pride, but of quality and flavour as well.