Film and Food

The Three AmigosWe’re kicking off a partnership with Apollo Cinema whereupon we’re going to be collectively inventing and serving food that fits a movie theme. The first such event will be on May 24th entitled “Breakfast of Champions with the Three Amigos.” Apollo will be showing the classic 1980′s comedy starring Chevy Chase, Martin Short and Steve Martin. We’ll be serving up some delicious egg burritos at the cinema for you to try and eat at your seat between bouts of hilarity. Scrambled farm eggs, house cured bacon, sautéed peppers and onions and a lightly spicy mayonnaise in a toasted 10″ tortilla. We’re excited to come up with more ideas for film tie-in food and make this recurring event a winner! Check out the ticket page for the inaugural event.

Steps for Kids

Lutherwood Steps for KidsWe’re proud to be sponsoring Lutherwood’s annual Steps for Kids this summer on May 3rd. The walk is a 3-5 km walk through scenic North Waterloo, starting and ending at the Lutherwood Children’s Mental Health Centre, for which participants are fundraising. We’ll be on-site at the event, grilling up wraps made from our ever-changing menu (TBA by the way) and handing them out to participants. To learn more about participation or donation to this wonderful event, please visit

Cakes for House of Friendship

In Support of HofF logoWe’re baking cakes and donating half of the proceeds to House of Friendship Kitchener, our neighbours on Charles Street. We’re taking pre-orders at our stand, or by e-mail. You choose your type of cake – spiced apple, carrot raisin, or chocolate chip BB Cakes- and your pick-up date, and we’ll bake cakes for you at $8 tax incl. each, $4 of which goes to HOF. We’re thinking of it as sort of a pre-ordered holiday bake sale. We’l be selling cakes this way into February so that we can donate then, so think of this option into the new year as well if you’re interested!

Funds Raised!

Nuclear ThroneThanks to your generous donations, we raised $250 for Children’s Health Foundation in London, Ontario. We took part in a fundraising campaign called “Extra Life” where we marathon-played Vlambeer’s “Nuclear Throne” for a total of 24 hours (non-consecutive, we’re not that hardcore!) Many mutant lives were lost, many a golden weapon dropped, and many inter-dimensional police raids went horribly wrong. We’re still not bored of the game – a break is however definitely in order.

Shop like a Chef

ShoplikeChefNick will be conducting a little shopping tutorial at the Kitchener Market on Saturday, October 4th with some tips and tricks about buying produce, meats and dry goods. Expect some insight into getting more bang for your buck, picking out primo vegetables, and generally broadening your comfort zone with preparing food. We’re wrapping up the tour with a lunch at Breadbaron sponsored by the Downtown Kitchener BIA!

Contact Lori Muller to sign up! 519-744-4921 x 401

Craftoberfest 2014

craftoberfest-logoWe’re looking forward to sampling some local craft brews on Saturday at the #craftoberfest launch party while we sling some fresh goodies from a little pop-up in Imbibe’s kitchen. We’re going to be bringing reubens, chicken caesar, and last but not leek sandwiches for the vegetarians. We’ll also be putting some nachos in the convection oven to order topped with braised beef, chopped salsa and of course cheese!

Thanks Imbibe for hosting such an awesome event and including us, and happy 2nd birthday!

Fundraising by Gaming

childhealthlogoWe’ve decided to start an Extra Lives 2014 team. Here’s the gist – we’re collecting pledges for the Children’s Health Foundation in London, Ontario. On October 25-26th, we’ll be doing a 24-hour marathon of our current favourite video game – Nuclear Throne. We’ll be recording and streaming the play session (and the ensuing hilarity.) We hope to hit a $500 contribution to the cause, but with your help we could donate more!

Check out our Extra Lives page – or go here to donate directly.

Open for Dinners!

Our first Friday dinner went wonderfully! The food was punctually and deliciously served, and our guests had a great time. Everyone went home with a satisfied smile and a take-home piece of cheese. We’re excited to do more of these dinners given the interest, for small groups of 8-10 people at a time. Try out a new format for dinner with a casual atmosphere, great food, and some good company!

Check out some photos on our Facebook page


Friday January 31st – Dinner at the stand


Roasting Carrots

We’re looking into starting a dinner series at the breadbaron stand. We’ll see how the first one goes and determine the frequency from there. Maybe we’ll alternate with some cooking classes?

The price is $50 tax incl. and bring your own drinks. We are licenced to pour but not sell. There’s free parking in the garage, so come and enjoy a night of conversation and simple but well-prepared food.




- Friday Dinner Series -
3 Course French
6pm – 8pm – January 31st, 2014
eat | drink | socialize | repeat

baked monforte rose d’amour cheese with house chutney, crostini, and roasted garlic
grilled iron-age pork chop with apple and cabbage white wine braise, potato purée and natural jus
classic lemon tart

Give us a call or an e-mail to book, 12 seats available.