Vacation Time 2015

caterpillar on deckBreadbaron turns two years old mid-August of 2015. It has been a great time so far with hopefully greater times to come! We’re planning something special for our anniversary, but we’re also planning on taking advantage of late August downtime to take a little vacation.

We’ll be closing the shop between August 18th and 28th, taking a little time to travel southern Ontario and recuperate a bit from our busy schedule. Only one Saturday will be affected – August 22nd. Hope everybody is having a wonderful summer so far!

> 1,000 Wrappers Redeemed


Did you know that the wrappers from our sandwiches come with a $1 off coupon you can tear off? Think of it as card-less loyalty card that pays more frequently!

We want to thank all of our wonderful repeat customers who have collectively brought back over 1,000 coupons torn from our wrappers. One one hand, we’ve lost a bit of profit, but on the other, we’re happy to bring you guys back and offer an incentive (beyond getting a tasty sandwich made from great ingredients) on frequenting our shop.

Film and Food

The Three AmigosWe’re kicking off a partnership with Apollo Cinema whereupon we’re going to be collectively inventing and serving food that fits a movie theme. The first such event will be on May 24th entitled “Breakfast of Champions with the Three Amigos.” Apollo will be showing the classic 1980′s comedy starring Chevy Chase, Martin Short and Steve Martin. We’ll be serving up some delicious egg burritos at the cinema for you to try and eat at your seat between bouts of hilarity. Scrambled farm eggs, house cured bacon, sautéed peppers and onions and a lightly spicy mayonnaise in a toasted 10″ tortilla. We’re excited to come up with more ideas for film tie-in food and make this recurring event a winner! Check out the ticket page for the inaugural event.

Steps for Kids

Lutherwood Steps for KidsWe’re proud to be sponsoring Lutherwood’s annual Steps for Kids this summer on May 3rd. The walk is a 3-5 km walk through scenic North Waterloo, starting and ending at the Lutherwood Children’s Mental Health Centre, for which participants are fundraising. We’ll be on-site at the event, grilling up wraps made from our ever-changing menu (TBA by the way) and handing them out to participants. To learn more about participation or donation to this wonderful event, please visit

New Fridges and Happy Holidays

xmas treeWe just want to take a minute to thank our customers for their support and patronage in 2014. We’ve grown, and we hope to keep doing so moving forward. We look forward to many new sandwiches, customers, events and experiences in years to come.

nick fridgeWe had an unfortunate refrigerator malfunction this week and have had to purchase new fridges for our line. The silver lining on the cloud is that we’re excited for new equipment and for the productivity and efficiency, not to mention the shininess they’ll bring to the table.

We’ll be closing down on December 23rd, and returning on January 2nd. Happy holidays all!


Cakes for House of Friendship

In Support of HofF logoWe’re baking cakes and donating half of the proceeds to House of Friendship Kitchener, our neighbours on Charles Street. We’re taking pre-orders at our stand, or by e-mail. You choose your type of cake – spiced apple, carrot raisin, or chocolate chip BB Cakes- and your pick-up date, and we’ll bake cakes for you at $8 tax incl. each, $4 of which goes to HOF. We’re thinking of it as sort of a pre-ordered holiday bake sale. We’l be selling cakes this way into February so that we can donate then, so think of this option into the new year as well if you’re interested!

Fundraising by Gaming

childhealthlogoWe’ve decided to start an Extra Lives 2014 team. Here’s the gist – we’re collecting pledges for the Children’s Health Foundation in London, Ontario. On October 25-26th, we’ll be doing a 24-hour marathon of our current favourite video game – Nuclear Throne. We’ll be recording and streaming the play session (and the ensuing hilarity.) We hope to hit a $500 contribution to the cause, but with your help we could donate more!

Check out our Extra Lives page – or go here to donate directly.

Golden Ticket Promotion

IMG_1332We’re running a “golden ticket” promotion on Saturdays from mid-August to October of 2014 – here’s how it works -

  • Select sandwiches (1 in 20 or so) will have a piece of golden foil in the wrapper
  • Redeem for a free t-shirt!

Come on by and try a sandwich for a chance at a sweet t-shirt. Don’t forget to stock up on some goodies downstairs at the Kitchener Market. It’s a good corn season this year!

5 Steps to a Great Sandwich

KITCHENER, ON – April 22, 2014 – Breadbaron Sandwiches is the newest addition to the Kitchener Market, offering a rotating selection of goodies. Its chefs, Nick Hatten and Mike Lurz, apply their culinary training from the Stratford Chef School to designer sandwiches, soups and various other fare; the results are yummy indeed. If you’re looking for ham and Swiss on rye, you won’t find it here. What you will find is the “porksgiving” or “b.b. squash,” showcasing locally raised bacon and mouthwatering chèvre from Monforte Dairy, respectively. Those who think the better it tastes, the worse it is for you have another think coming!

1. Ingredients
– Buying local produce and livestock is a win-win – the ingredients are fresher and more nutritious from minimal (if any!) shipping, and you help your local economy by putting your money in the pockets of local food producers. Breadbaron buys and grows local produce, sourcing their meat from trusted farms that treat their animals humanely and without antibiotics or hormones.

2. Bread – Sandwiches would be nothing without bread, but it’s important that the bread doesn’t overpower or out-bulk the filling. The Breadbaron team knows what labour and love go into a good loaf of bread. Breadbaron uses square loaves from Waterloo’s own Grain Harvest bakery. For the gluten-sensitive, a hardy leaf of savoy cabbage provides a more healthy and delicious platform than a gluten-free bread.

BB Squash3. Flavour and texture – This goes hand-in-hand with ingredients above. Source quality ingredients and let them do the talking, but don’t be afraid to cook them and combine them inventively. Moisture balance is key – nobody likes a dry sandwich. The brown butter squash sandwich, for instance: roasted butternut squash puréed with salt, pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon, clove, and goat’s cheese; carrots peeled into strips and lightly pickled; brown butter; fresh sunflower sprouts and a seven-grain loaf from Grain Harvest bakery. These ingredients combine to offer a sweet, sour, smooth, crunchy and fresh experience.

4. Ease of eating – A sandwich can be made or broken by the tender loving care it gets when it’s built. Most sandwich bread benefits from toasting, not just for that extra bit of flavour, but for a protective crunch layer that adds stability. Simple things are important: physical construction (a careful lettuce cut to make just the right even bed) or alternating hot and cold ingredients so the sandwich tempers itself and doesn’t get soggy when wrapped. Flimsy ingredients such as thinly sliced pear do best on an even platform of, say, thick bacon slices, and a sharp bread knife delivering a clean diagonal cut is a must.

5. Ingenuity – Sandwiches sometimes get a bad rap, confined to memories of a lukewarm platter of picked-over egg salad wedges, but they don’t deserve it. A little inventiveness goes a long way, and sandwiches provide an almost limitless platform for interesting flavour and ingredient combinations. We owe it to the progenitor of our craft – the Earl of Sandwich himself, who first used his bread as a plate for his food – to elevate it to the highest heights possible. Why not try a kimchi-and-braised beef cheek sandwich today?