Sandwiches and more

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Seasonal Menu
- last change Mar. 2014 / next change May 2014 -

Bacon, pear and cheddarthe porksgiving
$9 | house bacon, pear and cranberry chutney, sliced pear, cheddar, spinach – country loaf
$9 | braised beef cheek, natural sauce, house kimchi, mayonnaise – whole wheat
Baron Burgerbaron burger
$8 | grass-fed beef, caramelized onion, romaine, pickled pepper mayo – whole wheat kaiser
Brown Butter Squashbrown butter squash
$8 | roasted squash, goat’s cheese, pickled carrot, sprouts, brown butter – seven grain
Flavour of the Leekflavour of the leek
$8 | poached leeks, garlic scape sheep’s cheese, arugula, sherry vinaigrette – whole wheat
The Britthe brit
$8 | roasted chicken, homemade butter curry sauce, shaved cauliflower, romaine – seven grain
Soups made fresh, changing often!soup
$3 | prepared fresh, always changing – check our twitter or our blackboard
Black River Juiceblack river juice – no sugar added
$3 | apple cider, bartlett pear, blackcurrant, raspberry

Saturdays Only
Slinging breakfast burritos until we run out – $6

All prices are tax inclusive
Soup and juice are $2 each with sandwich purchase
Water is free when you bring a container

Why buy Breadbaron?

  • For a flavourful and memorable sandwich experience from a local vendor.
  • We use quality ingredients from local suppliers that combine like they should: no-nonsense, fresh stuff that balances flavour and texture.
  • We offer delivery (6+ sandwiches) or take-away from our stand.
  • Our prices include taxes – no fussing with change.
  • We serve a concise, rotating, and fresh menu. Find out why.
  • Try our product, you’ll like it. Then tell your friends and colleagues! If you don’t like it, it’s on us.